Literary and artworks involving entrepreneurial elements in their content have been long searched and determined in the initial stages of the second phase of the project as a result of the longitudinal work carried out with our partners in the project titled "Applying Arts for Education, Creativity and Innovativeness" in which our university is a project partner,  within the scope of Erasmus+ KA 204 - Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education. The project partners are currently preparing lesson plans about the artworks or literary works they have chosen from the database they have created together. Piloting of the lesson plans will be performed as group-based and individual-based sessions. 
You can click on  for the database composed of national and international literary & artworks which involve entrepreneurial theme under the web page of our project titled "Applying Arts for Education, Creativity and Innovativeness" 

Oluşturma: 07 Mart 2021